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Los Dos Caballeros

Visiting a vineyard brings a peace that only nature can give. This is the kind of peace one feels when visiting Los Dos Caballeros Winery. As a boutique winery in the heart of Mallorca, Los Dos Caballeros focuses on high quality, low quantity wine production that respects the environment and the island we love. The result? Wines that are sustainably produced and are a pleasure to drink.

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Terracotta: The desire for aged beauty

There is something comforting about naturally worn, aged terracotta pots. Terracotta has a classical, timeless elegance found for centuries throughout the Mediterranean in the form of oil jars, urns, water vessels and plant pots.

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Interpreting the Mediterranean dream

For us outdoor living is the essence of Mediterranean life. That is part of the reason, afterall, that we decided to move to Mallorca back in 2008, when on our shortlist was Australia, Spain (specifically Mallorca) or travelling for awhile until we found the perfect place to settle.

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