Pathway gardens

Natural Elegance in the Garden

Mashamba’s Lead Garden Designer, Alexander Warren-Gash, has worked for nearly fifteen years as a landscape designer on the island of Mallorca. His distinctive approach to planting is an outward reflection of his creativity and his signature style exudes a natural elegance.

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A Garden of Winter Delights

With 300 plus days of sunshine, there’s more to the Mediterranean island of Mallorca than just summer. Alexander and Jennifer Warren-Gash, design duo of Mashamba Garden and Terrace Design, believe you don’t need to head inside as the temperature drops. With good design and planning, a garden of winter delights – filled with outdoor Sunday brunches and fireside chats – is an enjoyable reality.

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Rooftop Living

Renowned French architect Le Corbusier, who is one of the great pioneers of modern arcitecture, identified the roof terrace as being the ‘fifth point’ in his ‘Cinq Points de l’Architecture Moderne’. His view, which was innovative for the time, was that the roof terrace was an essential part of any urban home design. 

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What does a Mediterranean lifestyle mean to you?

Of course, the answer to this question will vary from person to person but for us at Mashamba Garden and Terrace Design, we believe that the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle is to be found outdoors, fostering our connection with nature, and embracing the simpler pleasures of life.

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