The Aromatic Garden

All Mediterranean gardens, big or small, should have a space filled with aromatic plants and herbs. Besides practical and therapeutic uses, aromatic plants create a beautiful garden that can be enjoyed with all your senses. Contrasting shades of green and texture play against each other. Springtime blossoms scent the air and draw pollinating butterflies and buzzing bees. And the purple blooms of lavender and rosemary add pops of colour.

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The Mediterranean Cloud Garden

Have you ever heard of a cloud garden? If not, imagine a fluffy white cloud floating through the sky but replicated here on the ground using plants.

In Mallorca, cloud gardens are synonymous with Mashamba Design. Our Lead Landscape Designer, Alexander Warren-Gash, has been reimagining the traditional topiary technique for nearly 15 years, all with a modern Mediterranean twist.

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Pathway gardens

Natural Elegance in the Garden

Mashamba’s Lead Garden Designer, Alexander Warren-Gash, has worked for nearly fifteen years as a landscape designer on the island of Mallorca. His distinctive approach to planting is an outward reflection of his creativity and his signature style exudes a natural elegance.

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A Garden of Winter Delights

With 300 plus days of sunshine, there’s more to the Mediterranean island of Mallorca than just summer. Alexander and Jennifer Warren-Gash, design duo of Mashamba Garden and Terrace Design, believe you don’t need to head inside as the temperature drops. With good design and planning, a garden of winter delights – filled with outdoor Sunday brunches and fireside chats – is an enjoyable reality.

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