Mashamba is Mallorca based, covering the whole island. We also have garden and terrace projects in Ibiza, Menorca, mainland Spain and Germany. We are happy to travel anywhere where our flare for design or specialist knowledge of Mediterranean gardens can be of service.

With new build projects, the garden and terrace designs are best done once most of the structure of the building is up, so that we can best visualise the space and understand all of the levels. For the garden installations, we can plant in all but the hottest months, allowing flexibility. For the terraces and furnishings, there can be significant lead times of up to 3 months for some items, so well worth getting that order in early!

We take on projects, large or small, working from a blank slate or a garden reformation where we feel that our services can make a significant impact. We like to create the magic and do things well and this generally means designing the space as a whole. If you are looking at just doing a small area of a garden or have a very limited budget, then we may not be the right people for you.

When it comes to terrace design, we work on a range of projects – outdoor living areas for private villas and homes, roof gardens, penthouse terraces, courtyards, pool terraces, balconies, patios…any space that lends itself to outdoor living! We do believe in quality and craftsmanship, which means that many of the products we source are luxury items that will last for years to come. This of course means that there should be a sufficient budget allocated for the investment in the design and implementation of the outdoor living areas. 

The first step is to create a site meeting to meet with us and give us a brief on what your hopes for the space are. There is no charge for the initial meeting. Once we have ascertained your plans for the property, we will put together a proposal to get the design process started. Once you accept the proposal, we put together a preliminary design concept that we present to you to make sure that we are on track and creating the perfect garden for you. Following your feedback, we make any adjustments required to the concept. Once the concept has been agreed upon, we fine tune the design, and start working out how to turn the design into reality. This includes putting together a fully itemised quote etc. Once the project is ready, we present it to you and make any further adjustments should they be required. When everything is agreed upon, we start the installation of the project.

The design process is set up to make sure that the landscape or terrace design that we do for you is for you. The first phase is creating the general design concept. We put together a rough design that we present and go through together with you. Further to your feedback, we make any adjustments to the concept that you may want. Once the design concept is agreed upon, we then go and fine tune the design and work on how to turn the dream into reality. The clearer the brief that you give us at the beginning, the better our understanding of what you are after will be.

Yes. We want to make sure that our garden and terrace projects are all done to a high standard and turn out to be the stunning places that we know they should be. Also, during the garden installation, we almost always find ways to fine tune and improve upon the design to fit the space itself. Gardens are living art!

Irrigation is always included within our quote. Irrigation is an essential part of the wellbeing of the garden and is a consideration from the start of the design process. We try and make our gardens as waterwise as possible. We also have garden lighting technicians that we work with and we can incorporate this into the project should it be desired.

We have teams of garden maintenance crews that we work with and recommend for our projects. They are not our employees, but should you follow our recommendation, this gives both you and us the peace of mind that the gardens are being well cared for and allows us to offer a warranty on our gardens.

The better the idea of what you generally want with regards to garden styles, extent of landscaping and what you are willing to spend, the better that we will be able to help you from the outset. It is also very useful to dig out any topographical plans that you have of the property. 

To prepare for a terrace design meeting, having accurate architectural plans (showing the terrace areas) available is helpful. Having an idea of your preferred style is useful, and any inspirational photos you have handy are always welcome. It is also important to have an idea of what you are willing to invest in your outdoor living area project. We can guide you on budget if you don’t know where to start.

Projects come in all shapes and sizes and are influenced by personal preferences, logistics, state of the existing soil….. Roughly speaking though garden designs can cost anywhere between €3,000 and €12,000, whilst the landscaping itself can cost between €50,000 and €300,000 or more depending on the scale of the project.

Terrace designs, contracted separately, generally cost €1,200 and up depending upon the scale of the project and client brief. Outdoor living projects start at 25,000€ and up depending on the scale of the project. 

If you are not looking for a full design and project, we invite you to contact Jennifer, where you can discuss plants pots, outdoor furniture, garden art and accessories available through Mashamba.