About Us

Outdoor living is the essence of Mediterranean life.

Mashamba Garden & Terrace Design are specialists in the design and creation of beautiful gardens and unique outdoor living areas.  With lots of experience and passion, we help you create your own private Mediterranean oasis in Mallorca and the Balearics. 

Our Philosophy

Memorable experiences come from magical settings; private gardens and terraces are the ultimate platform for creating the romance and charm that we all dream of. We work in harmony with nature, architecture and surrounding landscapes, to interpret your Mediterranean dream and create that magic.

“A nice garden in many respects is the ultimate luxury. Your very own Eden, with the added bonus of being a good investment.”
– Alexander Warren-Gash

Alexander Warren-Gash

Mediterranean garden designer

Growing up in exotic locations with his diplomatic family, Alexander’s love and appreciation for wildlife and nature started early.  He went on his first scientific expedition to the jungles of Cameroon at the age of 12, and his consequent explorations into the remote and unknown have led to the discovery of many new species – he proudly has three species of butterflies that are named after him.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree under his belt and his 20’s spent living an adventurous life in Africa and Costa Rica captaining a fishing boat and designing and building luxury homes and gardens, Alexander settled on the beautiful island of Mallorca in 2008. This website is in many ways the culmination of the fruits of the following years.

Jennifer Warren-Gash

Curator of Outdoor Living

Mashamba Terrace offers a personalized service to help their clients in the design, planning and installation of terrace and outdoor living projects.  Jennifer Warren-Gash, Mashamba’s lead terrace consultant, makes the most of your outdoor living areas, offering a thoughtfully curated collection of products and solutions designed to elevate your outdoor living experience. Mashamba’s attention to detail results in the creation of extraordinary outdoor space that invites you to disconnect and forget the world around you.

“One of my favorite quotes says that if you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design. This is true, and I want to help people get their outdoor areas right the first time.”
– Jennifer Warren-Gash
"Gardens should be a sensory affair, delighting not only your eyes but also your sense of smell, touch and even sound."
– Clare Ferrige

Clare Ferrige

Project Manager

Having lived in Mallorca for nearly twenty years, Clare truly appreciates what it is to live a Mediterranean lifestyle. She spent her early years in Hong Kong, travelling back and forth to the United Kingdom for her education, truly experiencing the best of both worlds with the contrast between urban tropical jungle and the tranquillity of the Cotswold countryside.  Mallorca is where she has settled and raised a family, enjoying all that this little gem of an island has to offer.