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 Feature: Ville y Casali

In the June 2021 edition of Ville i Casali magazine, Mashamba’s notable transformation of a garden in the north east of Mallorca was featured.

The popular Italian living and interior design magazine followed a couple’s desire to obtain an original and well-organised space around an impressive 400-year-old house that had been completely renovated into a summer retreat for the family and generations to come.

“We dreamed of preserving the essence of the place, emphasising its historical roots and integrating the outdoor space with the natural landscape”, explained the owner to Ville i Casali.

The magazine details the benefit of a client being completely open to the design team, where being from from Northern Europe meant that they were not familiar with many Mediterranean plants atypical to the area.

In addition, there was also a desire to preserve some of the garden’s existing elements which had been neglected for some time, such as the blossoming olive trees.

Lead designer and founder of Mashamba, Alexander Warren-Gash, spoke of the difficulties the Mallorca based studio encountered within this exciting project. This included an array of four-metre high oleanders that surrounded the pool which blocked light, spatiality and views, thus preventing one from seeing the incredible panoramas of the island.

“We wanted to find the right balance between practicality and discovery and this is why we decided to gradually connect the well-kept green areas around the house with the wild nature beyond the fence”, said the accomplished designer. Using the colours of the agapanthus and lavender plant, a magical and seductive atmosphere was created where one now has the ‘feeling of being totally surrounded by nature’.

The garden has since become a private oasis of a thousand hues encompassing an area of 3,000 square metres. Today, the swimming pool sits as the central point of an exquisite outdoor space surrounded by lush greenery emblematic of this Balearic island.