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Nowadays, some of the most densely populated cities in the world have embraced the idea of the roof garden and terrace.  With land and space forever at a premium, as well as a growing consensus of the importance of nature in the urban environment, we can see fabulous examples such as the futuristic Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, which is famous for its Cloud Towers, a sort of modern-day Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

A little closer to home, and many miles from the bustle of a large urban city, here in Mallorca we do rooftop living, though perhaps in a more understated way.  Walk the streets of old town Palma and discover gems of hotels where roofs have been converted into restaurants, bars and even swimming pools, enjoying magical views over the old parts of the city and out into the Bay of Palma.   

At Mashamba Design, we have long realised the importance of making the most of any outside space you have. Over the years, Jennifer Warren-Gash, terrace designer, has completed many terrace designs projects, ranging from small old town interior patios to spacious modern villas and roof terraces in Mallorca.

In this issue of The Mediterranean Lifestyle magazine, we discuss the upward trend in maximizing outdoor living areas, and we discuss a few key tips for planning roof terrace design projects.