Mastering Mediterranean Outdoor Living

“There is an art to developing the design of an outdoor living space to create a meaningful connection with the environment.”

Outdoor living is the essence of Mediterranean life, and many of us who either live or vacation here, envision a life centred around this. At Mashamba Design, we believe that thoughtful landscape design is the key to creating a private oasis for our clients. Our design projects always strive to encompass a fusion of practicality and style, effortlessly in-keeping with your lifestyle.  Our ultimate goal is to create gardens and terraces that give a wonderful sense of both space and freedom, but also bring us closer together with nature.

The beauty of outdoor living

Having your own outdoor space in some respects is the ultimate luxury, whether you have a small terrace in the centre of Palma or a sprawling estate in the Mallorcan countryside, the desire to realise the full potential of our outdoor spaces has become more of a ‘must-have´ than ever before, especially in this post-pandemic era.

For us, Mediterranean gardens and terraces are all about laid-back outdoor living. Indulging in moments of tranquillity and connecting with the environment. Lingering over alfresco meals under a perfectly positioned canopy, taking a much-needed break in a chill-out zone or evening sundowners with friends in that perfect spot, soaking up the view. 

As lovers of exceptional outdoor living spaces, we pride ourselves on curating spaces which truly reflect our client’s needs. A well-developed design has the ability to enhance our sensory experience; enticing scents, sounds and textures, all designed to delight and entice us outside into nature. 

“Our goal is to show respect for existing nature and its intrinsic beauty, creating outdoor living spaces that are linked to their surrounding environments.”

In nature, it's the little details that take your breath away 

Consider for example, the wonderful designs that you see in the petals of flowers, or the magnificent complexity of a hive, built with perfect geometry. This perspective lies at the core of our Mallorca garden design studio, where even the smallest outdoor space can be transformed into its own private paradise.

Picture this: an intimate and relaxing outdoor space inspired by the lush Mediterranean where you can spend your days nodding off and dreaming of endless summers. Here, the living room curtains dance in the summer breeze adjacent to a blossoming terrace furnished with terracotta planted pots for added privacy. All that’s missing now is an ice-cold drink.

In this way, every space can become a personalised corner, comforted by details to make us appreciate the simple joys of life. A refuge of peace where you can recharge your batteries and take a break from the hectic pace of life. 

Through the seasons

One of the best luxuries you can have in Mallorca is an outdoor living area that can be enjoyed all year.  Most people think of springtime when the flowers begin to bloom, as being that magical time when gardens are at their best – their burst of life teasing us with the promise of summer in a symphony of light and colour thanks to a beautiful planting scheme.  However, if we’re really going to think of our gardens as an extension of our homes, why not make them work year-round?

Even during the months with more inclement weather, a Mashamba designed garden or terrace has the ability to encourage you to continue enjoying yourself outside. Our mission is to always find a balance between the desire to enjoy the outdoors 365-days-a-year with intimacy, comfort and privacy. Imagine firepits to illuminate late-night talks, patio heaters to keep you feeling toasty during early autumn or brunch in the garden on a sunny January morning. 

How we view our gardens from the inside of our homes should always be an important consideration during the design process – an outdoor space should always be enjoyed from the inside of your home through the visionary viewpoint, where there is always something to delight, no matter the season. 

At Mashamba Design, we express our love for creating perfectly designed outdoor living spaces simply by excelling at it. Our mission has always been to draw a direct line between the outdoors and our well-being through details that invite you to disconnect in your own private oasis.

“Our mission has always been to draw a direct line between the outdoors and our well-being.”