Interpreting the Mediterranean Dream

To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.

– Helen Keller

For us outdoor living is the essence of Mediterranean life. That is part of the reason, afterall, that we decided to move to Mallorca back in 2008, when on our shortlist was Australia, Spain (specifically Mallorca) or travelling for awhile until we found the perfect place to settle.

I still remember my response to the suggestion from my husband of relocating from Costa Rica to Mallorca – “Where the hell is Mallorca?” The reply “it is an island in the Mediterranean sea” was more than sufficient to convince me – how romantic, idyllic and simple that description was, yet it painted such a vivid image in my mind. I was imagining white curtains swaying in the wind on a beautiful and  elegantly styled terrace with the Mediterranean sea glistening in the background whilst sipping cold, crisp chardonnay donning a chic summer maxi-dress, barefoot.

Long story short, we relocated and made the move to Mallorca in search of a more family oriented location and new business opportunites, and Mallorca has been home for us ever since. It came as a surprise, and maybe even a shock, to us at how little value and emphasis was placed on outdoor living and gardens here on the island. The most valuable assests were being overlooked. 

Mashamba was born with the idea of bringing the dream of outdoor living to life. Most people move to Mallorca or invest in a holiday home here because they want to spend time outdoors, soaking in the Mediterranean sunshine and dining al fresco with friends and family on the terrace. The climate is the key factor and having a beautiful garden is the ultimate luxury – not to mention a great investment.

We have the dream to create not only a brand, but a lifestyle, focused around our belief that outdoor living is the essence of Mediterranean life. This is how Mashamba came to be. The name itself is rooted with meaning and intention – in Swahili, “shamba” means finca and “mashamba” translates to fields.  Even our logo was thougtfully designed to reinforce and reflect our core values – connection with the earth, elegance. (For those of you who do’t know, part of our love of outdoor living comes from my husband’s Kenyan upbringing – hence the Swahili inspiration.)

Our mission is simple: to bring the Mediterranean dream to life. 

Mediterranean Design

With Mallorca’s fantastic weather and stunning landscapes, the Mediterranean dream is more about spending time outdoors than in your house. Memories are made dining alfresco with friends beneath a pergola dripping in vines or wandering along a path through a lavender field to a secret garden to escape for a few moments of peace.  

We work in harmony with nature, architecture and surrounding landscapes, to interpret your Mediterranean dream and create that magic for you. 

With that belief as the basis for everything we do, each project we take on is done with intention and purpose. We have to ask ourselves firstly can we add real value to this project and make a significant impact? Secondly, is doing things to a high-standard a value shared by the potential client? Will the service we offer be valued? Do we have the creative freedom to design a Mashamba style garden or terrace?

Our Mashamba values can be summed up in three words –  intention, integrity and creativity. Our brand promise is to interpret, design and create your Mediterranean dream to the best of our ability, holding ourselves to the higest standards possible.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room,” as entreprenuer Jeff Bezos said.  Our intention is not to be known soley as a brand that designs beautiful Mediterranean gardens and terraces. Our true desire is to be known for curating the idyllic outdoor living lifestyle, which is our interpretation of the Mediterranean dream. 

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