People of Mallorca

In Conversation with Ocean View Properties

Believing that “memorable experiences come from magical settings,” Mashamba Garden and Terrace Design creates Mediterranean-inspired gardens that embrace the best of outdoor living and the beauty of Mallorca.

We discussed how we got started with our entrepreneurial journey of creating beautiful outdoor spaces that embrace Mediterranean culture and its lifestyle in a recent interview with a new boutique real estate company in Mallorca – Ocean View Properties.

They are curating a series of stories called “People of Mallorca” for their website, which features interviews with local entrepreneurs, creative makers and other inspiring individuals who are making Mallorca even more interesting.

Alexander and Jennifer both moved to Mallorca together in 2008 from Costa Rica. Jennifer sometimes joke that we upgraded from flip-flops to sandals with our move.

One of Alexander’s favourite things about Mallorca is that is offers the right balance between the relaxed outdoor lifestyle that he loves, but with a side of civilisation that we like to have access to.

Working together as an entrepreneurial team to create beautiful outdoor spaces of all sizes – from large open gardens to smaller terraces – we believe outdoor living is the essence of Mediterranean life. While Alexander focuses on the landscaping and plants side of things, Jennifer is the Curator of Outdoor Living, mixing art and design for inspiring settings.