Mashamba Designs
In the Press

In this issue of The Mediterranean Lifestyle magazine, we discuss meadow planting, which is not only visually beautiful, but also has function within its design.

An open stretch of land filled with swathes of grasses and flowering plants, bee’s buzzing from flower to flower and the sound of grasses gently moving in the wind.  These are the hallmarks of a style of planting we call ´Aromatic Meadows,´ which lead garden designer Alexander Warren-Gash of Mashamba Design has developed into one of his signature styles.   

These meadows bring a hint of wildness and romanticism to his designs using a planting scheme that is sophisticated in its simplicity, much like nature itself.   

Winding paths in and amongst the plants transforms the whole area into somewhere to stroll through and enjoy your garden for the sanctuary it can be from the modern world.  It can also act as an ideal ´buffer zone´ between more formal planting and the edges of a property, acting as a transitory space, especially for fincas which may be surrounded by patches of woodland, orchards, or other large established trees.  These meadows create a sense of height and depth, carrying the eye out towards the boundary edge whilst helping to blur any distinctive divide.