Terrace Projects

Port Andratx Villa

Friendships are intimate bonds based on understanding and mutual trust and as the lead designer at Mashamba Design, the relationships that I form with my clients can often evolve into such. This was the case in this exciting project to transform the outdoor living areas of a breathtaking villa in perhaps the most exclusive neighbourhood in Mallorca for a British couple and their ten year-old son. 

Spending almost all of the school holidays on the island, the family had recently renovated their stonehouse in Port Andratx which boasted breathtaking views over the coastline and wanted a redesign of its outdoor areas.

Although the large furnishings had already been chosen, the terraces needed subtle cosmetic changes to be made for the space to exist at its full potential. Even with the beautiful furniture in place, they felt that something was missing, and for me this was an undeniable wow factor to complement the surroundings. 

To accomplish this I started by adding greenery which was placed inside selected plant pots from my preferred Atelier Vierkant artisans. With no pieces in their collection being alike, their clay pots are sculptural pieces of art that are slowly hand carved and sculpted by a team of around 20 master craftspeople. This effectively gives each planter their one of a kind aesthetic. Once delivered to the property and thoughtfully positioned, the client’s were so infatuated by their impact on the space that another order from the company was made.

One of the many tasks as a designer that I am called upon is to layout furnishings within a space where through meticulous study and experience in the sphere of design it has become a well honed skill where I can instinctually see arrangements in my head. Before their much anticipated arrival, I planned their strategic placement so that when on site, they would seamlessly blend together. Space planning not only serves for its aesthetic capability but is directly linked to function where positioning is an art form based on the principles of design. 

As for colouring, the clients were captivated by the combination of blue and green. Entering a space awash in these hues is often instantly soothing where the colours reflect those of the ocean and transform any space that they touch.

One of the keys to make my designs come alive is following the right colour combination and in this outdoor space, its use evoked a calm and energising environment – perfect for restful days away from their bustling home city of London. 

If one would ask me what were my favourite elements of this project, first it would be the beautiful blue built-in-bench that I created in the wall of the property’s courtyard. As well as being inviting, it acts as a decorative element that elevates the property’s existing design style.

Secondly was my decision to customise one of the Atelier Vierkant pots with a curious blue stripe that matched the home’s shutters. Its uneven line adds an artistic touch that has given the home a personalised feel without being overbearing or out of place.

With the clients so easygoing and content to follow my lead, the challenges were far and few between in this project. Their willingness to trust forged the way to turn clients into friends because simply in life, the best relationships are based on real dialogue and abiding respect. 

We feel so lucky to have found Jennifer. She was able to take our very mixed-up ideas and create exactly the look we were hoping to achieve. We absolutely love the feel and the design that the plants and pots added to the house both inside and out.

- Port Andratx homeowners

Designed by Jennifer Warren-Gash, Lead Designer at Mashamba Designs.

Photos by Pernilla Danielsson.