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 Feature: Atelier Vierkant Catalogue

Mashamba Design’s stunning El Terreno project was featured in Atelier Vierkant’s Winter 2021-2022 Catalogue. Here, a selection of pioneering clay pots were showcased from the brand’s uniquely beautiful collection.

Honouring a sense of the truly timeless, Atelier Vierkant’s family-run design house in Belgium has conquered the global design world for decades and proved an integral part of the Mashama identity thanks to the distinct delicacy of their clay creations.

While no two of the brand’s pieces are identical, each handcrafted object comes with the same quality-assured stamp defined by their clean-lined silhouettes and organic tactility.

The Catalogue spotlights Mashamba’s transformation of a terrace in the much desired neighbourhood of El Terreno in Palma de Mallorca which has become increasingly popular with foreigners seeking a slice of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

With ample terraces overlooking the historical area and city’s bay, lead designer Jennifer Warren-Gash said that Atelier Vierkant offers ‘the perfect solution for projects like this one’ where there was a need to ‘bridge styles blending the old and new’.

“The idea for the large open terrace at the front of the house was to use plants to divide the large main terrace into two distinct rooms while keeping the space connected and without distraction from the magnificent views overlooking the Bay of Palma,” said Jennifer.

The giant pot filled with agave attenuata commonly known as the foxtail or lion’s tail, highlighted in the Catalogue, also proved to be a sensational focal point as one enters the terrace from the house.

In the project, each piece was placed intentionally by the design studio to elevate the outdoor living experience for the client, where the result was a space that encapsulated elegance and enhanced the surrounding architecture and decor.