Los Dos Caballeros: From wine drinker to winemaker

“Wine is bottled poetry."

Visiting a vineyard brings a peace that only nature can give. This is the kind of peace one feels when visiting Los Dos Caballeros Winery. As a boutique winery in the heart of Mallorca, Los Dos Caballeros focuses on high quality, low quantity wine production that respects the environment and the island we love. The result? Wines that are sustainably produced and are a pleasure to drink.


Los Dos Caballeros

Los Dos Caballeros Winery or “The winery of the two gentlemen” was started by Walter and William, two expatriates with a passion for wine, Mallorca and sustainability. Walter grew up in the hillside vineyards of his grandfather in Germany and always dreamt of one day owning one of his own. Los Dos Caballeros is the realization of that dream.

LDC is unique on the island because they offer a personal connection between their clients and the wine, they drink through their partnership program, “Familia de Los Dos Caballeros”. By joining the family, one can enjoy the opportunity to be a winemaker without the hassle of maintaining a vineyard. Discerning wine lovers can lease individual vines located on the property, join for the harvest season, pick their own grapes and enjoy the best moments of being a winemaker while leaving the stressful bits behind. What LDC offers is not just wine but a truly unique experience that can be enjoyed or given as an unforgettable gift.

Depending on how many vines are leased, members of the LDC family can produce private collections of wine with customized labels. Something truly special to serve at the next dinner party.

If you want to get in touch with Los Dos Caballeros, William and Walter , hop over to their website.