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A Mallorca Christmas – gardening wisdom, traditions, & decorations from Mashamba

As anyone who’s enjoyed winter in Mallorca knows, the weather can vary enormously. Some days are crystal clear with empty skies, and it’s warm enough to sunbathe. On others, the best thing is to keep warm and cosy inside with chocolat a la taza and churros. This month we chatted with our friends at Charles Marlow in Deia to see if the gardeners among us should do anything special to prepare for winter in Mallorca. “Not really,” Alexander, garden designer for Mashamba, said. “You’ll be pleased to hear. Mallorca is not generally a land of cloches, greenhouses and straw insulation. Snow is not really a concern, as the amounts we get here are negligible. In any case, the primary risk of snow in gardens is not the cold so much as the weight. Frost is a far superior opponent and can do real damage to plants not accustomed to it.”