Terrace Projects

Banyalbufar Townhouse

Managing a client’s expectations is one of the most crucial aspects of running Mashamba Design and as the lead designer in this project, it became the foundation of a very special transformation. Our Mallorca based studio had been tasked to make-over a compact but stunning rooftop terrace in Banyalbufar, one of the last remaining authentic coastal villages on the island. However, with history comes copious planning permissions and procedures, which meant for this project, a need to adhere to the tight rules.

The private clients were especially clear in their vision for their new outdoor living space which had to align with the equally clear building regulations of Banyalbufar, where all elements had to be modular and without being permanently fixed.

In addition to an outdoor dining and lounge area, the couple wanted a plunge pool, outdoor kitchen, and the option to enjoy both the shade and sun. They were also specific to the design style desired – a neutral calming palette utilising whites, creams and beiges, where everything was minimal and warm. 

Fortunately, as long as the budget is flexible, magic can happen. The clients valued my work enough to invest in their dream townhouse that they intended to use as a private hideaway that they could turn their key, lock up and leave throughout the year.

Alongside having a very good go-to list of trusted brands and artisans, experience and the ability to solve a problem, one of the most important things that we do as designers is research. This amalgamation led to the sourcing of an impressive modular swimming pool and kitchen alongside a non-intruding parasol for the wind-exposed terrace.

The challenge of fulfilling a client’s non-negotiable wish-list was followed by finding a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for a giant and noisy air-conditioning unit which needed to be encased in a sound box. For this, I envisioned something that would be as beautiful as it was unique, without encroaching on the terrace’s serene feel, setting my sites on commissioned custom art panels for the case.

For the furnishings, Belgian design house Tribù was selected, a brand that is defined by elegant modernism, distinctive purity and impeccable quality where their earthy and textural collection of luxury outdoor furniture adds a real exclusivity to a home.

One of my favourite elements of the new outdoor living space was the dining area. The table chosen was handmade from concrete but masterfully produced so that it had a delicate appeal, complemented by six woven chairs. Equally loved, the white sofa adorning teak wood is the epitome of minimalistic and accompanied by an array of textured cushions.

Round lanterns with woven overlays were perhaps one of my favourite accessories introduced in the space as they emanate a Mediterranean lifestyle and are reminiscent of a Balearic fisherman’s net. Poofs added a very special finishing touch with rugs anchoring the space.

The clients were overjoyed by the finished result, so much so that they have already requested to work with me again for an impending purchase of another new home in the same village. 

That looks great Jennifer! So much better than before.

Designed by Jennifer Warren-Gash, Lead Designer at Mashamba Designs.

Photos by Emma Fenton.