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 Feature: Nuevo Estilo

Mashamba Design was delighted to be featured in Nuevo Estilo, a reference publication in the sphere of interior design for more than three decades, where each page has become a space to dream and discover.

In this special edition, the reformation of a property with endless potential and captivating views of Cala Llamp in Andratx was detailed, and of which the design studio worked effortlessly on. Here its owner, architect Catalina Horvath Jaume, collaborated alongside Galán Sobrini Architects and Mashamba Design to return the 1960’s built house back to its Mediterranean essence.

To accomplish this, materials made by Mallorcan artisans were sourced where inside, the spaces sought to transmit serenity and harmony through spaciousness and comfort. The objective of the decoration was at all times to seamlessly blend into the property’s architecture and its existing elements.

Nuevo Estilo highlights how Mashamba Design perfectly completed the house’s elegant interior, ‘bringing out the best of its land’. Pine trees and plants resistant to the wind and temperature changes were chosen for their ability to be a proven microclimate that allows one to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year.

Landscaping, explained Galán Sobrini to the magazine, ‘was of great importance in this project’ and ‘without a doubt, was the finishing touch to the calm ambience of the estate’.

The finished result of the Can Catalina project was a house that became deeply connected to its garden And which together, became reminiscent of idyllic childhood summers once spent there.