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Bringing the Mediterranean dream to life

We come to Mallorca for the climate and the joys of spending as much time as possible outside, with the idea of bringing the Mediterranean dream to life. When you’re creating a home on the island, how you design your garden and terrace is fundamental to enjoying the quality of life you’ve come here for. With this in mind, Charles Marlow in Deia spoke with Jennifer Warren-Gash, a partner in highly regarded Mashamba Garden and Terrace Design with her husband Alexander.

How would you describe what Mashamba Garden and Terrace Design does?

We believe that most people come to Mallorca to spend their time outside and we see the service we provide as a way for them to realise their vision of living the Mediterranean dream. Everything Mashamba Garden and Design does, then, is about outdoor living but there are two sides to the business. The garden design and general landscaping side covers the grounds of a property as a whole and includes everything from the driveways to the planting areas to other practicalities like irrigation systems. Then there’s terrace design. This focuses on furnishing the core terraced areas around the house and pool and bringing them to life.